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  • The Name of the Order: L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem

    20 May 2023 The Name L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem Many Templars have asked why we have changed the name of the Order. We have not changed the name of the Order; we have simply registered it under its historical provenance. The name, Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (OSMTJ) and its […]

  • International Registration of L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem in Belgium

    2023.5.8 Order Registration in Belgium   Brothers and Sisters of our noble Order.  The Order of the Temple was founded in Jerusalem in A.D. 1118 by 9 French knights under the mastership of Hugues de Payens. It has been known by a variety of names over the centuries, but it has, since its founding, been usually […]

  • Martinez Expels T Bryant Jones and Jones Ousts Martinez in Another Coup

    For the sake of clarity, historical documentation, to avoid confusion, and because these groups unscrupulously use our lawful name of OSMTJ, we record that on December 10, 2022, Luis Martinez expelled Timothy Bryant Jones and Philippe Matta from his group for another attempted insurgency. Apparently Jones was not satisfied with his installed leader, and was […]

  • 2022 OSMTJ International Knights Templar Covent in Tomar, Portugal

    Convention October 21 to 23, 2022, Tomar, Portugal The 2022 OSMTJ International Convent, hosted by Grand Prior Luciano Fernandes of Portugal, with knights attending from all over Europe, USA and the world. Also attending was the rightful Grand Master of the OSMTJ, Ronald S Mangum, and our Royal Patron, H.R.H. Prince Krzsztof Radziwill. Additional greetings […]

  • A Letter from Nicolas Haimovici Hastier to GM Ronald Mangum Regarding T Bryant Jones, Luis Matos and the Election of Luis Martinez

    A few days ago, Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier, President of the Regency Council and Guardian of the Faith released two letters. He sent one to David Roth, who released his on Facebook, and he sent one to Grand Master of the OSMTJ, Ronald S. Mangum. These letters were sent by Hastier for the purpose of […]

  • A Letter from Grand Master Mangum to H.R.H. King Charles III

    Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem Office of the Grand Master www.OSMTJ.global 5 October 2022 His Majesty The King Buckingham Palace LONDON SW1A 1AA Your Majesty,  I write to you in my capacity as Grand Master of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (The Sovereign and Military Order of the […]

  • Martinez Debate Update

    Last week, an open challenge was made to Luis Martinez, schismatic Grandmaster, to debate the legitimacy of his election before the whole Templar community in response to the numerous overtly false statements that have been made about it. The original challenge may be viewed here. This opportunity was afforded to Martinez as a means to […]

  • Response to the False Election of Luis Martinez for Grandmaster and the Expulsion of Timothy Bryant Jones

    Bryant Jones has now been expelled from four different Templar branches. Timothy Bryant Jones Expelled by Ronald Mangum. Timothy Bryant Jones expelled under Michel Vanderstock Pt.1 Timothy Bryant Jones Expelled under Romolo. Timothy Bryant Jones expelled under Michel Vanderstock Pt. 2 The Debate Challenge given to Luis Martinez regarding his legitimacy and the disqualifying evidence […]

  • Statement by the Magistral Council regarding Timothy Bryant Jones

    A Statement by the Magisterial Council                                                                            3/24/2022 We, the Magisterial Council of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ), feeling compelled to respond to a recent, unrelenting campaign of disorder, make the following statement: We accept the results of the election for Grandmaster held on January 2, 2020, with BG […]

  • Easter Message from the Grand Master

    4/13/22 What does it mean to be a Christian chivalric Order? We are a Christian chivalric Order because we come together to spread the words and deeds of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our strength comes from supporting one another to fulfill the mission Christ has given us of planting Christian entities, especially in those parts […]

  • A Thank You from Pakistan to the Grandmaster

    Commander Mahmood of Pakistan would like to extend his deepest gratitude to the Grandmaster, Ronald S. Mangum for sending $350 of his personal funds to support the charitable efforts that are ongoing in Pakistan. For more about the tremendous, community-changing efforts of Commander Mahmood in Pakistan, go here. Commander Mahmood would like to further extend […]

  • Larmenius Charter Ceremonially Signed

    Larmenius Charter Ceremonially Signed On October, 2, 2021, at the International Conclave of the OSMTJ, Grandmaster Ronald S. Mangum ceremonially signed a copy of the Larmenius Charter for the first time in over 200 years. Signed in English, French, Spanish, and the Templar cipher, this copy of the Charter is now being housed with the Templar […]

  • From the Grandmaster regarding Grand Priory Crosses

    To our noble Grand Priors, My lovely wife recently told me about a wealthy South Korean Christian businessman who wanted to display his faith in Christ and his belief in the power of salvation through hard work. In the Korean markets work porters who carry goods from one stall to another in wooden hand carts. […]

  • International Convent 2021

    We welcome you to join the International Community of OSMTJ Templars this October! 2021 International Convent                         Castle Otttis, 103rd 3rd St                                         St, Augustine, FL  32084 October 1-3, 2021 AIRLINES                       Airline name                        Distance   Time                               Directions Orlando International Airport                     129 miles          2 hr                        417N toll rd to 95N to FL-207N (exit 311) follow […]

  • Communique of the Grandmaster

    2020.8.18 New Member Numbers Dear Grand Priors and National Entity Chiefs: Under the protection of our Lord Jesus Christ, our noble Order continues to grow and prosper and that requires maintaining organized procedures. We will re-institute a procedure that was followed up until the Fontes era – individual membership numbers that are held in a […]

  • Communique of the Grandmaster

    Potential Anti-Christian Events in the Middle East – 2020.7.14 Dear brothers and sisters knights and dames of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem, Two recent attacks on Christianity by governments in the Middle East have come to our attention. First, the statement by the President of the Republic of Turkey to allow […]

  • Communique from the Grandmaster

    Forward Look – 6.25.2020 Dear Noble Grand Priors, One of your compatriots asked about my plans for the growth of our Order and I thought that it is a good time to update my current and future priorities. We continue to grow; now we can count 36 national entities in the Order. As you know, […]

  • Communique of the Grandmaster

    Science and Religion – 7.5.2020 Often, we think of Science and Religion as separate and competing concepts. Below is an excerpt of an interview with the chief U.S. scientist who is dealing with the current coronavirus crisis. He is a practicing Christian who clearly justifies his belief in GOD. Ronald Mangum, Master Excerpt from an […]

  • Recognition & Encouragement from Grand Master Albino Neves

    Working to create bridges and cooperation in the Templar world. Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters,I have promised to establish bridges to the Other Templar obediences, and I have just received the following message from Brother Dom Albino Neves, the Master of the OSMTHMM. I look forward to working with Dom Albino to make our Order […]

  • Grandmaster Addresses the Order

    Join Us For Round Table Tonight 9pm E.S.T. / 2am greenwich mean time! Tonight’s Round Table Discussion features our Master of the Order General Ronald Mangum who will talk about the plans and goals for the future of our Order.Voice Chat Live With Templars Every Thursday 9pm EST/ 2am greenwich mean time. ———————— Español —————– […]

  • Decree to Return to Christ

    In September of 2018 a new “Declaration of Faith” was presented to the Order as a whole by the sitting Regent of the Order. While this document contained many much-needed clarifications on our code it also proposed two new directions that caused some concern. Firstly, that the OSMTJ would no longer be a religious order […]

  • Two New Grand Priories!

    The OSMTJ is growing under the leadership of Grandmaster Mangum. 2020.1.14 Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters , As we continue to grow, I am pleased to announce two more new Grand Priories:  1) The Grand Priory of Monaco, under Grand Prior Dominizio Cipriani 2) The Grand Priory of Italy, under Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani. We […]

  • New Grandmaster Elected!

    From ancient times, the Templars have the right to choose their own Master by the votes of the majority. A Majority of the most senior Grand Priors have called for this election legitimizing our right to finally choose our own Master of the Order. By its very definition, a “Regent” is the temporary leader of […]