2022 OSMTJ International Knights Templar Covent in Tomar, Portugal

Convention October 21 to 23, 2022, Tomar, Portugal

Presentation of the Events at the International Convent, 2022

The 2022 OSMTJ International Convent, hosted by Grand Prior Luciano Fernandes of Portugal, with knights attending from all over Europe, USA and the world. Also attending was the rightful Grand Master of the OSMTJ, Ronald S Mangum, and our Royal Patron, H.R.H. Prince Krzsztof Radziwill. Additional greetings were sent by many other national priories as well as Royal Patron H.R.H. Prince Balthazar Bourbon-Bhopal IV. Please enjoy this beautiful presentation of these events, both formal and informal.

A Summary of Events by Grand Prior Luciano Fernandes of Portugal:

First of all it was an honor for Portugal to receive such illustrious guests who provided a fantastic atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood among the Grand Priories present.

The Grand Priory of Portugal hosted the annual OSMTJ Convention in Tomar. Five Great Priories (Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Bosnia (BiH) and USA) were present personally and twelve Great Priories were present by Zoom connection. The Ambassador of Palestine in Portugal was also present as guest of our brothers. Welcome messages were sent to the conclave from the Ibero-American Assembly (Columbia), the Grand Priory of the USA, our Royal Patron H.R.H. Prince Balthazar Bourbon-Bhopal IV, and the Grand Chancellor General of the Order H.E. Frank of Bié.

We had an intense and vast program where we toured several Templar sites existing in Tomar. We started as a guided tour with retired Air Force General José Armando Vizela Cardoso, historian of Tomar and its Templar roots (with published books on the subject), which we thank for his availability in the excellent presentation.

We visit the Church of Santa Maria dos Olivais, built by Gualdim Pais, founder of the city of Tomar, and the Convent of Christ. We had lunch in Ferreira do Zêzere with typical Portuguese food. The Town Hall of Ferreira do Zêzere kindly lent us an auditorium for the Convention, which took place in perfect harmony.

Built on a hill facing Tomar Castle and the Convent of Christ, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade – formerly known as Ermida da Nossa Senhora do Monte – was built in 1397.

This Ermida was chosen for the recognition of the Grand Priory of Portugal as well as its Ladies and Knights. This symbolic act of recognition has greatly dignified our Order in Portugal where we all received with humility and gratitude by the hands of our Most Worthy Grand Master General Ronald S. Mangum, in the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of all present in this magnificent Chapter of Investiture, our Letter Patent signed and stamped by the hand of our Grand Master.

We had a different gala dinner, at the “Medieval Tavern” where we were served, to the medieval sound of Arpa a sumptuous dinner with medieval flavors by Candlelight.

The next day we left for the Shrine of Fatima for a short visit and then had a farewell lunch at Vila Nova da Barquinha, also a Templar site.

For Portugal and mainly for our Order OSMTJ, it was gratifying and very dignifying and we will be available to contribute in the future to new events that the order needs and to receive again our sisters and brothers from all over the world and the Great Grand Master General Ronald S. Mangum of our worthy Order.

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