Hastier Expels Rudy Stevens, Says ‘Who?’ to Luis Martinez

As a matter of historical record, this decree from Nicolas Hastier is being recorded regarding the status of Luis Martinez, Rudy Stevens in the OSMTJ branch under the direction of Nicolas Haimovici Hastier and his Magisterial Council.

A Magisterial Decree by Nicolas Hastier was released today, seemingly with an intended purpose of performing some clean up regarding the Luis Martinez situation.

The Grand Marshall under Hastier, Rudy Stevens, has been using his own website osmtj-international dot net, promoting both status of Nicolas Hastier as Regent, and Luis Martinez as Grand Master at the same time, an organizational impossibility. Doing so presents the suggestion that Luis Martinez is somehow working together with Hastier, either in the present or as a valid continuation. In the past, Martinez has make explicit claims to this fact. Both of these are false.

Furthermore, Stevens repeatedly signs himself as Grand Seneschal of the Order. The Grand Magisterial Council under Hastier petitioned Hastier to take action against these false claims and inferences.

Section 1 of the letter seems to be a reproduction of the petition from the GMC, recounting the issues and betrayals.

Section 2 makes the clear statement that Rudy Stevens was never named Grand Seneschal, but only Grand Marshall. Furthermore, Nicolas Hastier has no knowledge of who Luis Martinez is, or how or why anyone calls him Grand Master.

Section 3 is an expulsion of Rudy Stevens for receiving high positions from an “unknown Grand Master”, saying Stevens is pre-occupied with receiving nominations from “enemies of the Order,” referencing the Martinez group.

The decree is signed by members of Hastier’s GMC as well.

It should be noted, if Nicolas Hastier does not know who Luis Martinez is, or how/why people call him Grand Master, how can Martinez be considered a true line of succession of the OSMTJ?

While these points have been made clearly in previous letters from Hastier, unfortunately, these groups persist in making provably false claims.

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