A Letter from Nicolas Haimovici Hastier to GM Ronald Mangum Regarding T Bryant Jones, Luis Matos and the Election of Luis Martinez

A few days ago, Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier, President of the Regency Council and Guardian of the Faith released two letters. He sent one to David Roth, who released his on Facebook, and he sent one to Grand Master of the OSMTJ, Ronald S. Mangum.

These letters were sent by Hastier for the purpose of making the clearest possible statement that the Election of Luis Martinez, through the cunning machinations of Timothy Bryant Jones and Luis Matos, was a fraud.

Since the expulsion of Timothy Bryant Jones, he and Martinez repeatedly used the name of Nicolas Haimovici Hastier without his knowledge to attempt to gain a perception of legitimacy.

March 9, 2022, three weeks after his expulsion, Timothy Bryant Jones claims to be under Nicolas Haimovici Hastier on our hijacked pages, without his knowledge.

After it was revealed that Nicolas Hastier heard of these things and disapproved, likening Timothy Bryant Jones to “Putin”, and cautioning people to be very careful of him, Jones declared himself without authority as “Acting Regent of the Order” to call for an election. Jones recruited Luis Matos, Grand Chancellor of OSMTHU, to run his election to give it the appearance of legitimacy. The result was the election of Luis Martinez.

The full case about the fraud in this election can be found here.

Martinez explicitly claims “This process was done with the knowledge of our Regent,” referring to his election. He also states that the Regent’s personal website acknowledges him, however, this site, osmtj-international . net does not belong to Nicolas Hastier, who has no site, but to Rudy Stevens, Mr. Martinez’s own Grand Seneschal. Lastly, he states, “Lets be clear, he recognizes us, and me as the one and only Grandmaster.”

Luis Martinez claiming Regent Hastier is a foundational part of his legitimacy.

With these things in mind, dear reader, please read the letter that Nicolas Haimovici Hastier has sent to his long time friend, Grand Master Ronald S. Mangum: (For a Google Translatable text version, go here.)

Now, dear reader, consider the form of address and intent of this letter.

  1. Nicolas addressed Grand Master Mangum as “Your Excellency” and “My dear friend.” This is due to the decades long friendship shared between them, as well as GM Mangum’s honorific status in the Order.
  2. Nicolas specifically indicates that his intent with this letter is to “help him” because he is the one who is having to currently deal with the betrayals and schemes of Timothy Bryant Jones through the election of Martinez.
  3. Nicolas is making sure that this letter is published to “all the Grand Priories” due to the important need to communicate about the dangers of men like Bryant Jones, Luis Matos, and Martinez.
  4. Nicolas makes an appeal to “unity” not only in regard to this important matter, but with the dream and ambition to heal the damage that was done due to the schemes of Timothy Bryant Jones.
  5. Speaking of Jones, he refers to him having an “inflated ego”, “liar”, “fake”, “borderline psycho,” and “enemy of the OSMTJ.”
  6. Regarding Luis Matos, Grand Chancellor of OSMTHU, of Portugal, he says he hurt him “severely” and referred to his friendship with him in the past tense for his meddling in the OSMTJ and his role in providing a platform for Jones to falsely elect Martinez.

This letter clearly demonstrates that any and all attempts to associate Nicolas Haimovici Hastier with Jones and the election of Martinez are outright lies. Not only that, but demonstrating this was the entire purpose of the letter, so that all the Grand Priories will know that this entire fiasco is a fraud.

Since both Jones and Martinez repeatedly abused the name of Hastier to falsely provide an appearance of legitimacy, and Martinez repeatedly appealed to Hastier’s approval as a foundation for his legitimacy, this letter should conclusively end that suggestion forever.

Hastier deliberately sought to reach out to help and assist his dear friend, Grand Master, Ronald Mangum when he was assailed by a campaign of lies. In doing so, Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier has single-handedly secured his legacy of “Guardian of the Templar Faith” by coming to the aide of the brethren. There are some men in the Templar world who seek after title, ambition and power, like this campaign we have just seen. However, Nicolas Haimovici Hastier has demonstrated that he truly embodies the Templar spirit by having earned his illustrious titles through action. This is simply the latest in a long career of service to the Order, for which we are all thankful.

With this timely communication, we now desire to fully set the matter to rest, and the Martinez/Jones group ought to be considered Anathema to the Templar world, as long as they are without full confession and repentance for this fraud. If they are able to serve God as independent Templars without claiming fraudulently to be the legitimate OSMTJ, we can hope they prosper.

However, every false claim the Martinez group makes about their OSMTJ legitimacy will be met with a calm, but full-throated expression of the truth, time and time again. For it is the embodiment of a Templar to stand for truth against lies, and to use light to expose darkness – to defend, and not retreat. And should they retreat, we will not pursue.

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