Martinez Debate Update

Last week, an open challenge was made to Luis Martinez, schismatic Grandmaster, to debate the legitimacy of his election before the whole Templar community in response to the numerous overtly false statements that have been made about it.

The original challenge may be viewed here.

This opportunity was afforded to Martinez as a means to allow him to present a case for legitimacy, and to further allow the copious amount of disqualifying information to be widely disseminated. This challenge was not made with intent to argue, but rather to provide a formal presentation of facts on all sides.

The Scripture encourages us to hate falsehood and to love truth, and to privately rebuke a brother if they err. If they will not listen, to bring others, and finally, to bring them before the whole assembly.

It is necessary for Templarism to stand only upon Truth, not lies, deceit, misrepresentation, cunning, ignorance or ambition.

For this cause, bearing both the spiritual studiousness of a monk, as well as the obeying the call to stand as a warrior, this challenge was made.

Nevertheless, the challenge was never met with an official response. The silence was accompanied with unofficial chatter such as “Its not worth our time.”

These types of high-minded statements might appear to be born from self-assurance, but in fact, are designed to only give the impression of confidence, while obscuring the lack of substantive facts.

Even so, these unassailable facts remain:

  • Timothy Bryant Jones, former Grand Chancellor and Grand Prior of the USA was expelled in February, 2022, two months before the “Election.” He has now been expelled by four different Templar branches for treasonous actions. Expelled members have no standing to call for elections in the OSMTJ. These expulsions can be viewed here.
  • Timothy Bryant Jones claimed he voluntarily withdrew himself and the USA Grand Priory from under Mangum in January 2022, before his expulsion. While this is not true, if it were, he would no longer be part of the OSMTJ anyway, and would have no standing to call for elections in an Order he no longer belonged to. 
  • Timothy Bryant Jones claimed to be acting on behalf of the former Regent Nicolas Haimovici Hastier, who also expelled Jones on January 3, 2020, and who did not appoint him to any position, nor did he call for an election in 2022. This is confirmed by verified statements from both the former Regent as well as by the only Grand Prior still under him. He therefore has no standing to call for elections under the former Regent.
  • Timothy Bryant Jones, again rejected by the former Regent, dubbed himself as “Acting Regent” to give himself authority to call for an election. Having been removed as Grand Chancellor and expelled from the Order months prior, he has no authority to be considered a Regent. 
  • Even if he were not expelled, any official transfer of power must be initiated by the Magistral Council or a significant majority of Grand Priors, which has rejected the overtures of Timothy Bryant Jones in the strongest possible terms. See the statement by the Magistral Council here. Not one member of the Magistral Council has followed Martinez.
  • Martinez claimed 19 Grand Priories called for the election. This is false. The Official OSMTJ under Mangum maintains 40 National Entities today. Martinez only received 6 votes in his election, and several of those were not original OSMTJ Grand Priories, but were appointed just prior to the election to gain voters. Martinez himself is one of these. In fact, if you discount the votes of Martinez and Jones, only 4 votes were cast for Martinez. According to the votes, only 2 legitimate original OSMTJ votes are possible, however 1 vote declared invalid and 2 abstained, so Martinez very likely was “elected” with no original OSMTJ votes at all. For an in-depth analysis of the votes for Martinez, go here.
  • Martinez was elevated to local prior of Florida, Grand Cross, and Grand Prior of Puerto Rico just weeks prior to the election in order to be made eligible to run for Grandmaster, and voted for himself. His promotion to Grand Prior (March 27) occurred after Jones announced elections (March 23) to artificially qualify him to run and vote in the election. The sham promotions of Martinez can be viewed here, here, and here.
All of these points are verified by documents, and many additional points could be made. All of these points conclusively demonstrate Martinez is the head of a shell organization he calls “OSMTJ”, but is not authentic. He was fraudulently “elected,” without the support of the actual OSMTJ membership or leadership.

As of this writing, the Martinez website still lists our OSMTJ Royal Patrons as his own, whom have signed agreements with Grand Master Ronald Mangum.

As of this writing, the Martinez website retained the list our Grand Priories, giving the false impression that his shell organization is large and global.

The entire presentation is a façade built upon deception.

If the Martinez schism persists, may they be able to shed the legacy of deceit to perform good works in the name of God. Such things are the only works that are suitable for repentance.


See the original response to the election here.

If there are further questions, or if anyone would like to review the documentation, you may directly contact the Grand Historian here.


10/9/22 Update: The Former Regent, Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier has released a letter to Grand Master Ronald S. Mangum with direction to distribute to all Grand Priories. The letter with commentary may be view here.


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