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  • Hastier Expels Rudy Stevens, Says ‘Who?’ to Luis Martinez

    As a matter of historical record, this decree from Nicolas Hastier is being recorded regarding the status of Luis Martinez, Rudy Stevens and Timothy Bryant Jones in the OSMTJ branch under the direction of Nicolas Haimovici Hastier and his Magisterial Council. A Magisterial Decree by Nicolas Hastier was released today, seemingly with an intended purpose […]

  • Response to the False Election of Luis Martinez for Grandmaster and the Expulsion of Timothy Bryant Jones

    Bryant Jones has now been expelled from four different Templar branches. Timothy Bryant Jones Expelled by Ronald Mangum. Timothy Bryant Jones expelled under Michel Vanderstock Pt.1 Timothy Bryant Jones Expelled under Romolo. Timothy Bryant Jones expelled under Michel Vanderstock Pt. 2 The Debate Challenge given to Luis Martinez regarding his legitimacy and the disqualifying evidence […]

  • Statement by the Magistral Council regarding Timothy Bryant Jones

    A Statement by the Magisterial Council                                                                            3/24/2022 We, the Magisterial Council of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ), feeling compelled to respond to a recent, unrelenting campaign of disorder, make the following statement: We accept the results of the election for Grandmaster held on January 2, 2020, with BG […]