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  • The Name of the Order: L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem

    20 May 2023 The Name L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem Many Templars have asked why we have changed the name of the Order. We have not changed the name of the Order; we have simply registered it under its historical provenance. The name, Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (OSMTJ) and its […]

  • International Registration of L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem in Belgium

    2023.5.8 Order Registration in Belgium   Brothers and Sisters of our noble Order.  The Order of the Temple was founded in Jerusalem in A.D. 1118 by 9 French knights under the mastership of Hugues de Payens. It has been known by a variety of names over the centuries, but it has, since its founding, been usually […]

  • From the Grandmaster regarding Grand Priory Crosses

    To our noble Grand Priors, My lovely wife recently told me about a wealthy South Korean Christian businessman who wanted to display his faith in Christ and his belief in the power of salvation through hard work. In the Korean markets work porters who carry goods from one stall to another in wooden hand carts. […]

  • Communique of the Grandmaster

    2020.8.18 New Member Numbers Dear Grand Priors and National Entity Chiefs: Under the protection of our Lord Jesus Christ, our noble Order continues to grow and prosper and that requires maintaining organized procedures. We will re-institute a procedure that was followed up until the Fontes era – individual membership numbers that are held in a […]

  • Communique of the Grandmaster

    Potential Anti-Christian Events in the Middle East – 2020.7.14 Dear brothers and sisters knights and dames of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem, Two recent attacks on Christianity by governments in the Middle East have come to our attention. First, the statement by the President of the Republic of Turkey to allow […]

  • Communique from the Grandmaster

    Forward Look – 6.25.2020 Dear Noble Grand Priors, One of your compatriots asked about my plans for the growth of our Order and I thought that it is a good time to update my current and future priorities. We continue to grow; now we can count 36 national entities in the Order. As you know, […]

  • Message from the Regent – Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

    In Nice, France, on April 22nd, 2019. A Message to All Templar Knights & Dames        Six days ago, in a troubled France, I heard a terrible cry: “The Cathedral Notre Dame of Paris is in flames!” It was for me, born in Paris, a frequent visual witness of this architectural splendor which provides […]

  • New Deputy Regent

    The Regent Nicolas Haimovici Hastier has selected Ronald S. Mangum as Deputy Regent. Deputy Regent General Ronald Mangum CONGRATULATIONS ON THE APPOINTMENT OF THE NEW DEPUTY REGENT OF THE OSMTJ, GEN. RON MANGUM: “There appears to be a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding over recent events in our Order. Our Regent, Dr. Hastier, has […]