Templar Succession: 1307-Present, A New Book from the Grand Historian

Templar Succession: Establishing Continuity 1307-Present

“This is the most thorough and revealing research on the Templars that I have read in twenty years. There are dozens of “Templar” books, most of which are based on supposition or outright fabrication, but Dan Clausen has conducted meticulously accurate research that shatters many of the myths and supports the inescapable conclusion that in some form the Order of the Temple has continued from 1314 to today. This is a “must read” for anyone interested in the history of the famous Knights Templar Order.”
-Brigadier General Ronald S. Mangum, PhD, JD
Grandmaster of the OSMTJ

This book investigates the claims of the French Ordre du Temple and its related modern continuation narratives. Although today the Ordre du Temple is largely remembered as an invention of Bernard Raymond Fabre-Palprat, the Grand Master that revealed the Larmenius Charter to the public, there is serious evidence that the Charter pre-dates Bernard Raymond, and beyond that, may be a genuine document of Templar transmission. If so, it serves as a ground to chart Templar continuation throughout history.

Guiding a course through the hidden histories after the suppression of the Templars, to the origins of Masonic Templarism and various succession controversies of the modern era, this book brings forth never before seen evidence, often sourced from primary documents, that lend newfound credibility to the often spurious claims of Templar continuation.

Hardcover Version includes a special additional chapter, “The Larmenius Charter and the Decree of Avignon of 1326”

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