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  • Templar Succession: 1307-Present, A New Book from the Grand Historian

    Templar Succession: Establishing Continuity 1307-Present “This is the most thorough and revealing research on the Templars that I have read in twenty years. There are dozens of “Templar” books, most of which are based on supposition or outright fabrication, but Dan Clausen has conducted meticulously accurate research that shatters many of the myths and supports […]

  • Larmenius Charter Ceremonially Signed

    Larmenius Charter Ceremonially Signed On October, 2, 2021, at the International Conclave of the OSMTJ, Grandmaster Ronald S. Mangum ceremonially signed a copy of the Larmenius Charter for the first time in over 200 years. Signed in English, French, Spanish, and the Templar cipher, this copy of the Charter is now being housed with the Templar […]