His Majesty The King

L’Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem
15106 Pleasant Valley Road
Woodstock, Illinois 60098 U.S.A.

6 February 2024

His Majesty The King
Buckingham Palace



 You may recall that I wrote to you on the sad occasion of your beloved mother’s death in September 2022, and that we share the same birthday, 14 November.

 Consequently, I am deeply concerned to hear that Your Majesty is now undergoing treatment for cancer.   May I, on behalf of the whole community of Knights Templar across the world, send you our most sincere best wishes and assurance of our earnest prayers to God for your swift recovery to health.

 I have the honor to be, Sir, Your fervent admirer and your Majesty’s servant,

Brigadier General Ronald Scott Mangum, J.D., PhD


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