Old Website Hijacked

The astute observer will have noticed that we have formed a new International website. This is due to a coup against the Grandmaster that was lead by the expelled Chancellor Timothy Bryant Jones.

Bryant Jones was the caretaker of the website osmtj dot net, our International site and theknightstemplar dot org, the USA Grand Priory page. When he was expelled, he hijacked the sites for his own use, and began to create a false order under that name. He also removed other Admins in the templarlibrary dot org and took it for himself.

Fortunately, the entire USA Grand Priory knew he was expelled and remained with the Grandmaster Ronald Mangum, as did virtually all of the International communities.

These pages now host a photoshopped expulsion letter on their front page with an expulsion of Grandmaster Mangum.

Needless to say, the loss of the websites is a sad turn of events, however, the Order has stayed strong and faithful, both nationally in the USA, and Internationally. In fact, we are grateful that unworthy members such as Bryant Jones and Luis Martinez have shown their ambitious and ungodly motivations, for now we are free from their machinations.

God bless the faithful.


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