2013 Conclave, Brussels, Belgium

ANNOUNCEMENT from Our Regent: You are all invited to a special OSMTJ Conclave in Brussels, Belgium, Friday, July 25th at 5pm,  and Saturday July 26th at 11am.  If  you are interested in coming, please send an email to info@OSMTJ.net so we can send a count.  If you want to be knighted, please let us know by emailing.   Those who are Knighted receive a beautiful certificate.

Excellencies, my lords,

His Excellency the Regent of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem decided to convene an Extraordinary Chapter Magistral to Brussels. The Conclave will be held in July between 25 and 31. You are warmly invited to attend. Timing and agenda of this chapter will be submitted by the Secretary Services Minister Magistral. With my Fraternal Greetings, Non Nobis …

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