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  • Investiture of the Grand Priory of Poland

    November 28, 2021 – The Grand Priory of Poland is growing! Thanks to the Grand Prior and all those who helped make it a success.

  • From the Grandmaster regarding Grand Priory Crosses

    To our noble Grand Priors, My lovely wife recently told me about a wealthy South Korean Christian businessman who wanted to display his faith in Christ and his belief in the power of salvation through hard work. In the Korean markets work porters who carry goods from one stall to another in wooden hand carts.…

  • Christian Charity, the Duty of Every Templar

    Templars are at work doing good across the globe. As Templars, providing for the needs of others in Jesus’ name is a paramount part of, not only our mission, but the calling of Christ placed on our lives. Therefore, as charitable activities unfold across our international order, we will post them here – not because…

  • Two New Grand Priories!

    The OSMTJ is growing under the leadership of Grandmaster Mangum. 2020.1.14 Dear Templar Brothers and Sisters , As we continue to grow, I am pleased to announce two more new Grand Priories:  1) The Grand Priory of Monaco, under Grand Prior Dominizio Cipriani 2) The Grand Priory of Italy, under Grand Prior Edgardo Marziani. We…

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