Author: Daniel Clausen

  • New Grand Priory of Ukraine!

    We are happy to announce that the Grand Priory of Ukraine has joined the OSMTJ under H.E. Col. Mykola Sergiienko. We welcome our esteemed brethren, and may their noble pursuit of the chivalric and honorable values of the Knights Templar guide them to glory. Grand Priory of Ukraine Facebook Page.

  • 2022 Christmas Celebration at USA National Headquarters, The Ancient Spanish Monastery

    Santa Barbara Commandery’s 2022 Christmas Gathering On Monday December 12th the Commandery of Santa Barbara in South Florida held our 1st annual Christmas gathering and it was an overwhelming success! Our party was held at the USA National Headquarters located at The Ancient Spanish Monastery ( The catered cuisine was scrumptious, the fellowship and camaraderie…