Martinez Expels T Bryant Jones and Jones Ousts Martinez in Another Coup

For the sake of clarity, historical documentation, to avoid confusion, and because these groups unscrupulously use our lawful name of OSMTJ, we record that on December 10, 2022, Luis Martinez expelled Timothy Bryant Jones and Philippe Matta from his group for another attempted insurgency. Apparently Jones was not satisfied with his installed leader, and was unable to endure a full seven months with Martinez at the helm.

Both individuals, Jones and Matta, were also complicit in the February 2022 coup attempt that we successfully overcame in the legitimate OSMTJ under Mangum. This saga may be referred to here.

Martinez publicized the expulsion in an open letter that recounts the machinations of Jones and his now five (5!) expulsions from various Templar branches, even acknowledging his own election as the work of Jones.

In the aftermath of his expulsion – in a very similar strategy from when he was expelled from us – Jones declared Martinez’s election as invalid, saying:

“Since Luis Martinez was neither a legal resident of Puerto Rico, nor did he live there, he had no legitimate ability to represent himself as the Grand Prior of Puerto Rico in the election. Since only legitimate Grand Priors were eligible to run for Grand Master, the Grand Prior of Lebanon, Philippe Matta, the only other candidate, won the election and is the legitimate Grand Master of the OSMTJ.”

Facebook Post by Bryant Jones to justify ousting Martinez after his expulsion

However, while the information in this post is correct, Martinez is a resident of Florida, not Puerto Rico, this was fully in the knowledge of Bryant Jones when he artificially promoted Martinez so he could run in his fraud election.

Martinez, after the Jones’ false election of April 2022 was announced, was made to be Prior of Florida, Grand Turco of USA, Grand Cross and Grand Prior of Puerto Rico – all in three short weeks so he would be eligible to run for Grand Master. Since only Grand Priors are candidates, Jones had to elevate Martinez to a Grand Prior position in order to run him.

This demonstrates that Jones was fully aware that Martinez was a resident of Florida, not Puerto Rico. Not three weeks later, he grants the promotion of Grand Prior of Puerto Rico, citing how helpful he has been in those three weeks as Prior of Florida.

These facts demonstrate that Jones is just using Martinez’s residency as an excuse to undercut his superior and is willing to lie, and eject anyone who stands in the way of his way of puppeteering.

While we overtly and explicitly find Martinez to be an illegitimate, schismatic leader, who rose to power through fraud and deception – as true Templars, we stand on the side of truth. The truth of this matter is that Martinez did not misrepresent himself, Jones misrepresented him. It was common knowledge in the US Grand Priory that Martinez resided in Florida.

Jones has since declared Philippe Matta of Lebanon as his new Grand Master due to being the only other candidate who ran in his election. In light of this, it should be noted that Philippe Matta only received one, solitary vote in that election of April 2022, and that vote was cast by himself. What a world we live in where you can cast a single vote for yourself and be called a “Grand Master.”

Perhaps those few who were deceived in the Martinez Schism in April 2022 are able now, with a broader view, to see the kinds of games that are being played for power. Jones has been the source of all schism in the OSMTJ through manipulation and carefully crafted lies. Since the Martinez group has now become another victim of Jones, perhaps some might reconsider the unfounded falsehoods that were fed to them by Jones that lead to this schism in the first place.

May those who love truth within this situation recognize Grand Master of the OSMTJ, Ronald S. Mangum, who was lawfully elected through the invocation of Article 9 of the contemporary Statutes, and won strong and clear majority of the authentic OSMTJ Grand Priors.

The OSMTJ under Grand Master Mangum remains stable and strong, numerous and global.

May God enlighten the eyes of our understanding in truth and bring peace to the Templars.


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