The Passing of H.E. Grand Master Michel Vanderstock

Grand Master Michel Vanderstock

We, the OSMTJ under H.E. Grand Master Ronald S. Mangum extend our sincere condolences to the family, friends, and Templars under Grand Master Michel Vanderstock.

Vanderstock was designated Seneschal and Chancellor of the OSMTJ under our former Grand Master Georges Lamirand, and was a central figure in the administration of the Order both before and after the passing of Lamirand.

Unfortunately, in the mid-90s disagreements caused schism and Vanderstock became the head of a separate branch of the Order. Nevertheless, the contentions are long past, and we honor the tremendous contributions that he made to Templarism during his legendary career as leading figure in the Templar world.

May find rest in the arms of your Lord, brother, and may your succession run smoothly and honorably.

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