Consolidation into New Grand Priory – Benelux

“Benelux” is a consolidation of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Noble Grand Priors and Grand Officers of OSMTJ,

Our international conclave and Grand Magistral Council meeting was a resounding success and I will provide wrap up notes in a few days, but first I need to take one action that should have been taken at the conclave, and that is announcing the creation of the Grand Priory of Benelux. Benelux, then known as the Netherlanden, was the first Grand Priory of Fabre-Palaprat outside of France in 1825., under Grand Prior General Albert du Chasteler, It has long historical roots and is already, when combined as Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, (the Benelux Union) a legal Grand Priory with more than 60 members. So effective now it is reconstituted as an OSMTJ Grand Priory under the leadership of Grand Prior Rudi Kennes.

Brigadier General Ronald Scott Mangum, PhD, JD
United States Army (Retired)

Grand Master of the OSMTJ

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