International Convent in Tomar, Portugal – 2022

We are proud to announce that our Grand Prior of Portugal, H.E. Luciano Fernandes will be hosting an International Convent October 21-23, 2022 in Tomar, Portugal.

All Knights and Dames of the Order who are able to attend are encouraged to do so. Special events will surround the Templar gathering in this historic city of the Knights of Christ.

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge!

Update from F++ Grand Prior Luciano Fernandes 8/21/22

Dear sisters and brothers,

Our Order will celebrate a Conclave in Tomar.
It is scheduled from October 21 to 23, an important month for the celebration of the Templar Nation. In this sense, we are trying to find several solutions that will allow us to receive our illustrious brothers and sisters in a city that grew under the tutelage of Gualdim Pais as he gave charter to the town of Tomar in 1162, which then became the headquarters of the Templars in the kingdom.
Thus, the commemoration of this month of October makes even more sense.

In general terms, the program includes:
– Visit to the city of Tomar;
– Visit to the Convent of Christ;
– Holding of Chapter Mass (we are trying the churches in Tomar);
– Moment of evocation to Gualdim Pais;
– If time permits, visit other Templar places;
– Holding a working meeting of Grand Priors and Grand Master of the OSMTJI as well as interventions from Brothers who wish to take the floor.

This is what it is intended to do.

As mentioned, the Conclave takes place in October, a month of indelible historical significance for Templarism.

The accommodation will be at the Hotel dos Templários in Tomar.
Any member of the Order and spouses are invited to attend.

There are still rooms for couples. If you want to stay in a single room please let us know. The same goes if you want to share a room that can have two beds.
We ask that you try to book the flight to Portugal to the Lisbon Airport until 5:00 PM, the flight is not included in the rate below. In case the flight doesn’t arrive until the proposed time just inform us so we can organize the trip to Tomar. Book the return trips for the end of the 23rd so we can have more time to travel to the airport as well as some activity possibilities after 12:00 PM. Although we have to leave the Hotel by that time we can have some visits afterwards as well as Lunch.
The value per person per stay will be around 475€, all inclusive including transfers and food, visits etc. This is the estimated and approximate value.
The Confirmation will be until the 28th the intention of being present at the Conclave so that we can organize and guarantee the stay at the Hotel. We ask, after confirmation and our indication later, to anticipate the value of 50% to the account that will be sent by email

We hope to meet you in Portugal in this magnificent city of Tomar.
In order to better organize and book the Hotel, you guarantee in advance the value of 50% for the account (PayPal) that will be sent in a later email.
We reinforce that the answer will have to arrive by August 28th.
The complete list of activities and schedules will be announced after we know the number of brothers and sisters present in the Conclave

FR++Luciano Fernandes
Thank you all

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